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What if today's popular games were made for Playstation 1 ? Well, this game is all about that, we made for the 32 Bits game jam, and was having in mind the tought of making a kind of "Dead By Daylight" singleplayer game.

I started development about two days after the game jam have started, and my goal at the time, was just to make a fan made Dead By Daylight demake , you can see the result in the following video :

After I discovered about the game jam, I called a friend of mine, and asked if he wanted to take this a little bit seriously for the game jam, and he aggreed, the game theme shifted for a more original one, though still being heavily inspired by Dead By Daylight.

If you wonder, why there are two versions to download, here's the answer :

Death By Moonlight Default ( Lower Resolution, closer to PS1 graphics)

Death By Moonlight HigherRes Edition( Higher Resolution )

About the game :

It's all about how far a parent can go for their children, the story is about an american-japanese middle aged man, that had his daughter get kidnapped by two infamous serial killers, the deformed twins commonly known as "Sad" and "Happy" that roamed the state of washington. He then got into his car, and made some phone calls trying to locate the kidnapper's whereabouts. Since he too had a dirty past, It wasn't that difficult for him to locate the kidnappers . He then drove directly to the abandoned mansion they were located...

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withBlender, Unity, Audacity, GIMP
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Horror, Low-poly, Retro, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Third Person, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Death By Moonlight 261 MB
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I downloaded this game at random and was so hype when I realized it was about dead by daylight.

I made a video and put this as the last game and thank you very much for making the game it gave me the biggest smile lol.

I'm glad you liked it! We are now making an original game of our own. You can check it out : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1846510/The_First_Odyssey/

Awesome it's giving me some resident evil 7 vibes ill definitely wishlist it.

Forgot to post this here, we weren't skilled enough to beat it, but enjoyed the game! 

Thank you very much for playing :D

Well made game, pretty hard with the statue part

Nice 86 cb (?

Deleted 145 days ago

Hey! Thank you a lot for playing !! :D

This Game Was So Hard I Barely Passed It!!

Great video, thanks for playing!

Thanks Man And It Was A Really Good Game!! Thanks For The Comment!!


I hope you understand the hilarity of the cover art looking like this poor guy's being chased down by an 86. I'm gonna download this and try it out, looks absolutely sick my dude!


Tofu killer

Found the title of your next game ;b

Definitely a really nice take on Dead by Daylight! Especially for a two-week project. I don't know if you plan on continuing this idea, but it would be neat! If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it if you tuned in to my video! Thanks!

Hey! Thanks for playing! ❤

Amazing! ❤️


Thank you!! ✌

You're welcome! ❤️


Great video! Thank you for playing  ❤

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😘

Thanks for playing !!

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Hey, Great game, I really enjoyed it regardless of how short it was. i also did a speedrun of the game which you can find https://www.speedrun.com/death_by_moonlight/full_game here if you are interested.  

thanks for making it!

I missed my spine chill perk. Amazing game. I love Dead by Daylight and this was a wonderful love letter to it. Keep up the good work! 

Yeah, no perks yet. It's more of a dbd demake for those who played the game when it just launched back in 2016 haha, just botany knowledge, self care and sprint burst, by the way, thanks a lot for playing !

As a BIG lover of Dead By Daylight, I really enjoyed this! Lovely little game with a Dead By Daylight/RE feel.

Made a thing:

Thank you a lot for playing it!

Cool game have a speedrun. Also the credits song triggers copyright on youtube.

Thank you for playing the game! That's literally world record lol

I never played Dead by Daylight, but I knew the gameplay style and saw some videos. I must say You have captured the style very well. No doubt an amazing game. Congrats.

Hey! Yea, who doesn't like old school games aesthetics right ? Thank you for playing and posting the video on yt 

Interesting game


Hey! Thank you so much for playing and posting it on youtube :D

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cool weird creepy

Hey! Thank you so much for playing and posting it on youtube :D

the game looks really nice and im viping it but im stuck at the first puzzle help ?! :D

Hey! Glad you liked it so far, there are notes in the kitchen ( the blue door in the hall ) indicating some keywords that helps you solve the puzzle. ( the note is scattered around the room, so it isnt in order, but its a tale about a samurai )

yeah i was this far but my 2 brain cells couldnt make it together but i guess its not fair to just give me the answer either :D

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i repaired the last gen, and went to the hatch like it told me and interacted with it and nothing happened, i looked all over for a possible key and there was none, i think the game is bugged or broken.


I'm sorry you had issues with the game, it's weird because I can play it in the engine normally, maybe it is some build problem, or incompatibility with something, I'll be looking to see if I can find a solution. Thanks for the feedback.

yeah i have to admit it was really cool, just like what it says "dead by daylight but playstation 1 style" i can see this game possibly blowing up but i understand its for a game jam though, but even then just putting some more time into it, the game might lol

i got a video too for this too, processing at the moment.

Nice! I'm planning on working another week ( trying to approach more Dead By Daylight fans ) or so, since with the jam we are very limited by time.

I already found the issue that was preventing you from finishing it, I'll be uploading soon the new build.